Hey Everyone, I am Vikram Salunke welcome to the x86 Assembly course.
In this article we will set our lab.
So, for this we will use the virtualization platform. With the help of virtualization, we can set one OS on the top of another OS.
Now my base macOS and I can set any other OS on top of it such as Linux or Windows.
There are many products available who does this job. For eg. VMWare or VirtualBox.
VirtualBox is free edition, so you don't need pay for it.
For this course we are going to use Windows XP. Download the Windows XP, after downloading Windows XP, we are going to use Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition C++.
This is my Windows XP. I am using VMWare. I have already installed Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition C++.

Click on Start -> All Programs -> Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition

This is the interface for Visual C++ 2008 Edition.
We are going to create a New Project.

Click on File -> New Project - > General -> Empty Project type name FirstProjectand Solution Name should be FirstProject and then click on Ok

After that we need to create a C file.

For this right click on source file -> Add -> New Item -> Visual C++ -> C++ File (.cpp) -> FirstProject.c and then click on Ok

As we can see FirstProject.c been created.
This is the area we can write code.
Let's start writing our first program.

First we will write header file


int main()

we will start the main() using { return type is int

printf("Hello World!\n");

return 0;

We are closing main() function using }

If you don't understand anything don't worry in the upcoming videos we will see this program line by line and then you will understand what is actually happening there.
Now we need to compile the program.

To compile the program click on

Build -> Build Solution

As we can see Build is succeeded 0 failed. We have successfully compiled the program.

Now let's run it. To run the program click on play icon or you can click on

Debug -> Start Debugging

So, program exited. But we didn't see any output.
Why ? Because main() is returning 0.

What we will do. We will place a breakpoint at end.
So, what does this breakpoint do?
This breakpoint is going to stop execution before returning so we can analyse our program.
Click on run once again. After running this we can see there is new window open here. Open that and we can see Hello World has been printed on screen.
So, we successfully wrote our program.

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